As a kid I had some opportunities to playfully help my mother in the kitchen, like dough kneading, or stirring, or cutting. I enjoyed that very much. In 1988 I met Ed Brown at a cooking class at Puregg, where I got acquainted with Eds thoughts, insights and tricks in regard to sitting, cooking and lots more. Since that time I practise cooking, informed by Ed’s way of interpreting life practice in regards to cooking. I enjoy doing meals for a couple of persons (sometimes up to 35, but mostly just a few).

A challenge (but one that really can be mastered) is doing very strict vegan, but also really yummy. I do it quite sometimes, but I don’t want to live all life without the wonderful universe of cheese or now and then a lovely piece of meat.

I own a Nakiri Knife and – as I know how to sharpen these guys – I still enjoy using it a lot.

A list of very inspiring sources:

wishing you lovely experiences!